Šviesė Čepliauskaitė , Lithuania

ŠVIESĖ ČEPLIAUSKAITĖ performed in all main concert halls in different towns of Lithuania, and toured with her concerts in Great Britain (1990), Russia (1993, 2005, 2006), Poland (1995-2014), Germany (1998), the Netherlands (1999, 2005, 2011, 2014), Belgium (2003, 2009, 2011), Japan (2003), Estonia (2003), Norway (2010), Belarus (2013, 2014).


The largest part of Šviesė‘s repertoire are pieces by composers – romanticists. She is especially taken by F.Chopin‘s works. She is the first piano player in Lithuania who recorded all his waltzes. 

 Invited by F. Chopin‘s Society, Šviesė played recitals in Germany (Darmstadt) , 1998) and Poland (Żelazowa Wola  , 2002, 2005 and Warszawa: Łazienki Królewskie , 2005, 2011, 2012, 2014, Powsin , 2007, 2010). 


Š. Čepliauskaitė offers unique concert programmes that unveil creative links between F. Chopin and Lithuanian composers:

1. CHOPIN LT includes works by Lithuanian composers V. Bartulis , J. Tamulionis , T. Makačinas , L. Povilaitis , D. Raudonikytė-With , Z. Bružaitė  and F. Chopin‘s opuses that inspired the Lithuanian composers.

2. Neužmirštuolių mėlyną mėnesį / In the month of forget-me-nots (with actress J. Vilūnaite) – F. Chopin‘s Etudes op. 10 Nr. 1–12 and collection of poems Šopenas. Etiudai opus 10 by J. Vaičiūnaitė .


At Š. Čepliauskaitė‘s request, individual composers created works inspired by F. Chopin‘s music:

1. Fantaisie a la Frederic (2004) by Jonas Tamulionis  was first performed by Š. Čepliauskaitė at „Lato z Chopinem“  festival in Poland in 2004.and FCH2 (2010) – first performance in Osle, Norway 2010.

2. FCH (2007) by Dalia Raudonikytė-With  was first performed by Š. Čepliauskaitė at „Floralia muzyczne“  festival in Poland in 2007 and FCH2 (2010) – first performance in Osle, Norway 2010.


Šviesė Čepliauskaitė recorded and published CDs: „F. Chopin. Valses” (2004), „M. K. Oginski. Farewell to Homeland” (with actress V. Kochanskytė and singer G. Zeicaitė, 2009), „CHOPIN LT” (2010), „Sensibile” (with flutist V. Zabrodaitė, 2014), she made recordings of  W. A. Mozart, F. Chopin and K. Szymanowski works for Lithuania Radio.


In December 2009 Š. Čepliauskaitė was invited  to be a member of the Honorary Committee of Chopin‘s Year Celebration in Lithuania 

14 March 2011 Šviesė Čepliauskaitė has received Polish Honor Award „Meritious for the Polish Culture“ (Odznaka honorowa "Zasłużony dla Kultury Polskiej" )


Academic background:

1987  graduated (with certificate for high achievement) from Kaunas J. Naujalis secondary arts school (now J. Naujalis        
         Music Gymnasium); piano class of I. Šakūraitė and R. Šerkšnytė.

1992  graduated studies (with diploma for high achievement) from Lithuanian Music Academy  (piano class of prof. . J.    
         Karnavičius ).

1994  internship at  Lithuanian Music Academy

1994-1995 internship at F. Chopin Music Academy   in Warsaw, Poland (supervised by prof. B. Hesse-Bukowska ); with
         scholarship from the Commission of International Studies, Lithuanian Ministry of Education and Science.

          2000 post-graduation courses in arts at Lithuanian Music Academy Lithuanian Music Academy  (supervised by prof.          

         J. Karnavičius ).


International master courses:

1990  Lake district summer music international courses and festival, class of prof. A. Queffélec and prof. A. Cohen in Ambleside, Great Britain;

1991  Internationaler Musikseminar, class of prof. B. Ringeissen in Weimar, Germany.


Concerts with orchestras:

Lithuanian National Symphony Orchestra (1990, 1998, 1999, 2004), Tomsk Chamber Orchestra (1996), Kaunas Symphony Orchestra (2007)


International festivals


“Lake District Summer Music” , Ambleside, Great Britain- 1990, “Lato z Chopinem” , Busko-Zdrój, Poland- 1995-2014, “Chopin w barwach jesieni” , Antonin, Poland- 2002, “Floralia muzyczne” , Warszawa – Powsin, Poland- 2007, 2010.

In Lithuania:

“Frenkelių rūmų festivalis” in Šiauliai, 2005, “Sugrįžimai”, 2006, “Druskininkų vasara su M. K. Čiurlioniu”, 2006, 2011

“Kunigaikščio M. Oginskio festivalis” in Plungė, 2006, “Palangos vasara”, 2008, “Muzikos ruduo”, 2008-2010, “Tytuvėnų vasaros festivalis”, 2009, „NAKTIGONĖS 2010“, 2010, Pearls of M. K. Oginskis‘ creation, 2012, AVANTI , 2014


Music projects:

“Didysis muzikų paradas”-2004, 2007, 2014, “Alma mater musicalis”- 2005, “Clinica musicalis”- 2006, “Tebūnie naktis”- 2007 - 2009, „F. Chopin‘s salon in the Vilnius Picture Gallery“- 2010, „Continents of Cz. Miłosz in the F. Chopin’s salon”- 2011, „Maironis‘ salon“- 2012, „Dialogue – word and colour“- 2012, “Songs and poetry in palace” (Lithuania – Belarus)- 2014.


Šviesė Čepliauskaitė created and performed chamber music and music-literary programmes in Lithuania and abroad. Pianist also is often invited to give concerts at representations and receptions by embassies and consulates in Lithuania and abroad (Poland, Russia, the Netherlands). 


In September 2006 Šviesė gave a concert in Vilnius to the presidents of Lithuania and Poland on the occasion of the 15th anniversary of diplomatic relations.






 † prof. Barbara Hesse- Bukowska


Artistic Director:

Dr Krystian Tkaczewski



prof.Maciej Piotrowski