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International Piano Festival „Lato z Chopinem” in Busko-Zdroj  was founded by eminent Polish pianist- Barbara Hesse-Bukowska in 1994. She had been coming here for  having  medical treatment and thanks to request of dr. Czeslaw Mleczko, she has founded the festival. Since 2014, festival has had a new artistic director, renown Polish pianist- dr. Krystian Tkaczewski. Prof. Maciej Piotrowski, son of professor Barbara Hesse-Bukowska has been a festival consultant. 


In the course of twenty editions in festival took part foremost Polish and foreign pianists as: Barbara Hesse-Bukowska, Kazimierz  Gierżod, Włodzimierz Obidowicz, Krystian Tkaczewski, Maciej Piotrowski, Aleksandra Mikulska, Piotr Żukowski,  Włodek Pawlik. Amir Tebhenikin, 

Roscislav Krimer, Masako Ezaki, Shoko Kusuhara, Šviesė Čepliauskaitė. The festival hosted musicians from such countries as: Poland, USA, Austria, Germany, Brazil, Thailand, Lithuania, Japan, China, South Korea, Australia, Great Britain. In 2013, we hosted winner of Beethoven International Piano Competition in Vienna- Professor Stephan Moeller, Austria. 

“Lato z Chopinem” is an important musical event in the life of Busko-Zdrój City and entire Holy-cross voivodeship. All festival concerts are well attended and many celebrities joined our audience as: Alina Janowska, Janina Stano, Bogusław Kaczyński, Barbara Wachowicz, Artur Jaroń, Janusz Wolny, Hanna Bakuła,  Krystyna i Henryk Kuźniak, sp. Maria Foltyn, sp. Tadeusz Mazowiecki and many others. 

In 2014 we hosted the special jubilee twentieth edition named: “Lato z Chopinem”-Barbara Hesse-Bukowska in memoriam. During this touching edition, all friends made a tribute to deceased artist. Especially poignant was the evening dedicated to the memory of professor Barbara Hesse-Bukowska, hosted by broadcaster Adam Rozlach and professor Maciej Piotrowski, son of the artist. Barbara Hesse-Bukowska, called by reviewers “the master of the small form,” for us will be remembered  as the outstanding artist and dame, whose interpretations of Mazurkas, Waltzes and Polonaises remain immortal forever.

Since 2014, Festival has been discovering and promoting young piano prodigies. We have already hosted three times American rising star Umi Garrett and Japanese outstanding young pianist-Mao Fujita. 

As requested by professor Barbara Hesse-Bukowska, International Piano Festival “Lato z Chopinem” will preserve its original name, also after her death.


 † prof. Barbara Hesse- Bukowska


Artistic Director:

Dr Krystian Tkaczewski



prof.Maciej Piotrowski


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