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Yun Shangguan, China

Yun Shangguan was born in 2009, 15 years old now. She began to learn piano at the age of 6 with Professor Yang Hanguo . She was admitted into Secondary Music School Affiliated to Sichuan Conservatory of Music in 2021. She is studying under Dr. Zhao Yun, a young teacher of the Piano Department of Sichuan Conservatory of Music. She won the first prize of Glory International Piano Competition New York in 2022, the second prize of Birmingham International Music Competition in 2022, the second prize of 2023 9th Toolmusic International Summer Music Academy Competition in South Korea in 2023 and the first prize in Group A of the eleventh Isido Bajik International Piano Competition in Serbia in 2023.


 † prof. Barbara Hesse- Bukowska


Artistic Director:

Dr Krystian Tkaczewski



prof.Maciej Piotrowski


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