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Ioanna Georgieva Ivanova, Bulgaria

I was born in Rousse (Bulgaria) in 2000. I started playing the piano at the age of 8 as a student at the National School of Arts "Prof.Vesselin Stoyanov". I graduated from the same school in the piano class of Krasimira Ivanova in 2019. Since 2019 till 2022 I am attending the piano course of prof. Ivan Donchev in Rome at Accademia Clivis . From the academic year 2020/2021 I'm a regular student at Conservatorio Santa Cecilia — Rome/ltaliy with docente Claudio Curti Gialdino. Since the accademic 2021/2022 I have been a student in the Talent Music Master Courses in Brescia in the class of prof.Philippe Raskin.

I have distinguished myself in many competition with multiple piano awards :
1.First Prize - Franz Liszt Center Piano Competition - 2022
2. First Prize - Nuvelles Etoiles – Online 5th Edition – 2022
3. First Prize – Four Note International Piano Competition - 2022
3 .First Prize – Memorijal ‘’ Sanja Pavlovic”-Aleksinac - 2022
4. First Prize – Cyprus International Piano Competition 2022
5.First prize – Premio LAMS Matera – Online Edition -2022
6.First prize — XXVII "Concours FLAME 2016"; in Paris, France
7.Laureate 1st degree - solo performance-piano at the V,VI, Vll ,VII ,X, International Festival - Kranevo-Albena-Bulgaria-2014 , 2015, 2016,       and in 2017, 2019 a Best Instrumental 
Performance Award.
8. Second Prizes – Orbetello Piano Competition- Yong Interpreter 2022
9.Second Prize - Orbetello Piano Competition Junior 2021, Italy .
10.Second Prize- 9 th International Piano Competition Smederevo 2022
11.Second prize— Xlll Craiova piano competition — Craiova - Romania - 2019.
12.Second prize— Xll Music of Germany and Austria International Competition - MAGIC - 2017 —

    Burgas, Bulgaria and a scholarship from the Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Bulgaria for the prize.
13 .Second prize — IV International music competition "Heirs of Orpheus" 2018: Albena, Bulgaria
14.Second prize —VI International music competition " Heirs of Orpheus " 2016 ; Albena, Bulgaria
15. Third Prize – Carles and Sofia International Piano Competition- 2022
16. Third Prize – Medici International Piano Competition - 2022
17. Bronze Award – WPTA Phinland International Piano Competition- 2022
18. Third Prize – Citt di San Dona di Piave- 2022
19. Third prize – 8 th International Piano Competition ,,ISCHIA’’ 2021
20.Third prize — Franz Liszt Center Piano Competition 2021, Spain.

21.Third prize - 5 th Danubia Talents International Online Music Competition,Hungary 2020
22.Third prize - Xl International Competition "Franz Schubert" - Ruse - 2017 and scholarships from
     the Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Bulgaria
23.Third prize —V International music competition "Heirs of Orpheus" 2017; Albena, Bulgaria
24.Third Prize - X International Millennium Piano Competition – Bucharest-Romania-2017
25.Fourth Prize – Clara Shuman International Piano Competition 2021
26. V Prize – VI Future Stars International Piano Competition – 2021


I have actively participated in the masterclasses of the following professors: Tatyana Levitina , Tamara Poddubnaya, Chantal Stigliani, MariaMuravska,Joanna Sochacka,Hyunjung Kim, Pavlina Dokovska,Maria Prince,Milena Mollova, Marieta Petkova, Daniela Andonova, piano duo
Genova-Dimitrov,Boyan Vodenitcharov, Lyudmil Angelov, Tomislav Bainov, Ivan Donchev, Giuseppe Andarloro, Vincenzo Balzani, Atanas Kurtev, Bozhidar Noev, "Signum" quartet, Andreas Frolich, Axel Gremmelspracher, Winfried Rompf, Georg Friedrich Schenck, Jean-Bernard Pommier, Ian Jones, Peter Jablonski, Robin Green, Leslie Howard, Mikhail Petukhov, Grigory Gruzman, Dmitri Alexeev, Vovka Ashkenzy, Philippe Raskin, Masahi Katayama, Krystian Tkaczewski.


Throughout my education I have also taken part in prestigious, exemplary and charity concerts within and outside of the school boundaries as a solo performer, as well as in a chamber ensemble. In the last two years I have played the piano not only with my chamber partner, but with an ensemble of violinists in my school as well. In the framework of "The Fire of Orpheus" academy I've had a concert performance with prof. Rosen Idealov- clarinet. In December 2020 I've had a concert with prof. Rosen Idealov in "Europe Hall" - Rousse, Bulgaria. In August 2021 I’ve had participation in Ambassador of Tarnow Maestro Krystian Tkaczeski and his guest in all concert of the Аcademy. In 2022 I also taken part at all piano concert in International Piano Campus XIII Edition and take a lesson with Vincenzo Balzani, Philippe Raskin and Giuseppe Andaloro. In the end of 2022 I have a concert with Rosen Idealov(Clarinet) I Russe Hall.

From 2023 I have a concert for two piano with Maestro Vovka Ashkenazy at Philharmonic Hall in Russe. As a solo performer I have participated in many international musical academies and masterclasses, as a result being allowed to join the closing concerts adjacent to them. I have played at "Military Club" in Sofia at the International "Piano Extravaganza" festival - 2017 , as a reward for my excellent performance at the masterclass of prof. Lyudmil Angelov . As a participant in the master classes of Lyudmil Angelov-2016,2017 in Hall 5, National Palace of Culture and Chamber Hall Bulgaria- Sofia at concerts of Prof. Lyudmil Angelov - 2016 and 2017, at Pancho Vladigerov; National Music Academy Sofia, in a concert of selected students from the musical schools in Bulgaria, in Markhofberdorf Germany - as a participant in the Music Academy in 2015 and 2016, at the Bulgarian Cultural Institute Wittgenstein House - Vienna - 2014, 2015,2016- as a participant in the Vienna School of Music.

As a participant in the master classes of prof. Georg Friedrich Schenck, Jean-Bérnard Pommier, the piano duo Genova-Dimitrov, Lyudmil Angelov, the Signum quartet - in 2013,2014,2016,2017 , 2018 and 2019, in the framework of the International Music Festival March Music Days I have performed at the Rousse Hall and the Europe Hall in Rousse. In 2017 , 2018 1 played the final concert of the Tryavna Art Festival - as a participant in the class of Prof. Tomislav Baynov . As a participant in the Music Academy The Fire of Orpheus Razlog, in the master class of prof. Tatiana Levitina and prof. Mikhail Petukhov— 2016 , 2017, 2018, I have played many concerts, including the final one.

I have been a soloist of the Rousse Philharmonic twice with Piano Concerto and Orchestra No 1 Mendelssohn - part 1 in 2016 under the conductor of Anthony Armore and with the Piano Concerto and Orchestra of Saint-Sans No 2 - 1 part under the conductor of Yuri Ilinoff In 2018.
In 2021 I have been a solist of the Tarnow Chamber Orchestra whit Piano Concerto and Orchestra No1 Mendelssohn under the conductor Masahi Katayama








 † prof. Barbara Hesse- Bukowska


Artistic Director:

Dr Krystian Tkaczewski



prof.Maciej Piotrowski


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