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Krzysztof Kozłowski, Poland

Born in 1985, Warsaw, Krzysztof graduated from state music schools in Warsaw in the classes of Prof. Elżbieta Raczkiewicz and later Prof. Halina Rogalska. He is an alum of the Frederick Chopin University of Music in Warsaw in the class of Prof. Anna JastrzębskaQuinn and completed a postgraduate course at the Academy of Music in Katowice in the class of Prof. Andrzej Jasiński. Laureate of numerous competitions, including Estrada Młodych (Polish Piano Festival, Słupsk 2013), 1st prize winner of the Miłosz Magin International Piano Competition (2015), 3rd prize winner at the Future Stars Competition (2021) and honorable mention at International Competition of Polish Music in Rzeszów (2021). He was
also awarded in multiple national competitions for music composers.


As a member of Hashtag Ensemble, Krzysztof is involved in contemporary music projects, performing 20th and 21st century music both on the grand piano and on electronic instruments. He performed internationally, and participated in recording of the group’s several albums:
“Visegrad Songs”, “Trash Music”, “Network Music” and “#Witkacy”.

For over a dozen years he has been developing his improviser’s skillset. In Hasthag Ensemble, he explores his original project “UrbScore”, revolving around musical improvisation inspired by architecture. Krzysztof is also the co-creator of two Improv projects: “Improvised Opera” where he creates music for fully unscripted and interactive opera shows, and the Szarmanccy Panowie duo where he arranges impromptu songs in
collaboration with the singer.

Before dedicating himself fully to studying the piano, Krzysztof spent three years studying sound engineering, at which time he produced sound on film sets, scored student films and dabbed in sound postproduction.

Apart from music, he is fascinated by science, IT in particular, which motivated him to pursue the Intercollegiate Multimedia Specialization (MSM) alongside his piano studies. It is there that he used his Java/Processing/PureData skills to complete his “Dendrofonia” (Dendrophony) diploma work – a virtual, audio-visual tree that uses sounds recorded in real time to grow and morph, adjusting to the sounds’ distinct qualities.

For years he has been accompanying the Song and Dance Ensemble of Warsaw University of Technology.

Mountaineering enthusiast, in love with astronomy and cats.


 † prof. Barbara Hesse- Bukowska


Artistic Director:

Dr Krystian Tkaczewski



prof.Maciej Piotrowski