Hinako Inoue, Japan

Hinako Inoue was born in Japan 1997. She participated in 14th Hamamatsu International Piano Academy and received insentive award in the same academy competition.

The 1st prize in the 11th International Chopin Piano Competition for young pianist in Antonin. Silver medal in the 13th International Chopin Piano Competition in ASIA. The 1st prize and mayor prize in the 58th Kamakura city Music Competition for young pianist. Gold medal and jury prize in the 3rd Europa International Piano Competition in Japan. The 2rd prize in the 6th Miyoshi-Net Piano Competition. The 2rd prize in the 8th Yokohama International Music Competition. The 1st prize in the 3th Kristian Tkaczewski International Piano Competition.

She graduated from Tokyo College of Music High school with honors and she studies now in the Hanover University music,drama and media. She studies under Hironao Suzuki, Bernd Goetzke and Olivier Gardon for piano solo and studies chamber music under Markus Becker and studies piano duo under Genova&Dimitrov.

Hinako Inoue, Japan

A.Ginastera Piano Sonata no.1, op.22


 † prof. Barbara Hesse- Bukowska


Artistic Director:

Dr Krystian Tkaczewski



prof.Maciej Piotrowski