The Piano Masterclasses  has been presented parallel to the Festival since July 2014. Among lecturers we can find famous pianists around the world. In 2015, we will host: Dr. Krystian Tkaczewski. The participants of our masterclass will feature at festival concerts on July 16 and 27. Each workshop or master class is evaluated by the level of their participants.  Masterclass in Busko-Zdroj  possess  the special character. All candidates are verified and invited only by artistic director

Dr. Krystian Tkaczewski.  In 2015 we will host all performers of “World Piano Talents” series  and selected pianists from Poland, USA, Japan, China, Vietnam, Belarus and Korea.



I would like to ask all potential candidates, parents and teachers for sending CV and DVD (about 15 minutes) at email: Selected pianists will be informed about conditions of participation. The bests can receive some assistance.




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Dr. Krystian Tkaczewski

Artistic Director




 † prof. Barbara Hesse- Bukowska


Artistic Director:

Dr Krystian Tkaczewski



prof.Maciej Piotrowski